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Country profileCanada (Prince Edward Island): Potatoes Regulations (P.E.I. Reg. EC.138/95).

Date of original text: 1995. Date of consolidation/reprint: 2015.
Type of text: Regulation

Available web site: www.gov.pe.ca
Full text available (English): pei120185.pdf

  • Plant Health Act (R.S.P.E.I. 1988, c. P-9.1). - 2015
  • [LEX-FAOC042416]

    Comments: Regulations are current to 2 January 2016 and last amended in 2015.

    The present Regulations are made under section 6 of the Plant Health Act. In particular, the Regulations lay down provisions relating to the growing and marketing of potatoes. Section 2 establishes that potatoes are designated as a crop within the meaning of clause 1(c) of the Act. The text - consisting of 16 sections – deals, inter alia, with the following aspects: diseases of potatoes, appointment of inspectors on behalf of the Minister, classification, sampling, documentation.

    Descriptors (Cultivated plants): vegetables/legumes; pests/diseases; enforcement/compliance

    FAOLEX No: LEX-FAOC120185