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Country profileAustria (Wien): Building Law for Vienna.
Long title: Vienna city development, city planning and building code.

Original title: Wiener Stadtentwicklungs-, Stadtplanungs- und Baugesetzbuch (Bauordnung für Wien – BO für Wien).
Date of original text: 1930. Date of consolidation/reprint: 19 April 2016.
Type of text: Legislation

Available web site: www.ris.bka.gv.at
Full text available (German): aut131008.pdf

  • Council Directive 93/76/EEC to limit carbon dioxide emissions by improving energy efficiency (SAVE). - 13 September 1993
  • [LEX-FAOC040315]

    Comments: The present Law is consolidated as of 21/2016.

    The present Law implements the Council Directive 93/76/EEC to limit carbon dioxide emissions by improving energy efficiency (SAVE) of 13 September 1993. In particular, the Law lays down provisions relating to building technology and building equipment, as well as to special environmental, health and energy requirements of buildings. Furthermore, the Law also applies to parcel of lands and other constructions and facilities subject to requirements of the present Law. The text consists of 140 articles divided into 12 Parts as follows: Urban planning (1); Change of property boundaries (2); Expropriation (3); Other ownership restrictions (4); Utility connection payments (5); Compensation (6); Formal requirements for construction projects (7); Structural use of building sites (8); Construction guidelines (9); Provisions concerning construction, use and maintenance of buildings (10); Display and announcement (11); Authorities, political parties and participants (12).

    Descriptors (Environment gen.): pollution control; environmental security; public health; ecofriendly products/ecofriendly processes; noise pollution; procedural matters; enforcement/compliance; offences/penalties
    Descriptors (Land & soil): land-use planning; land tenure; subdivision of land; expropriation; local government; procedural matters; cadastre/land registration; inspection; authorization/permit; offences/penalties; enforcement/compliance; size
    Descriptors (Energy): energy conservation/energy production; renewable energy; enforcement/compliance; offences/penalties

    FAOLEX No: LEX-FAOC131008