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Country profileCanada (Prince Edward Island): Fisheries Act (R.S.P.E.I. 1988, c F-13.01).

Date of original text: 1988. Date of consolidation/reprint: 2015.
Type of text: Legislation

Available web site: www.gov.pe.ca
Full text available (English): pei147485.pdf

Implemented by:
  • General Regulations (P.E.I. Reg. EC873/95). - 26 April 2014 [LEX-FAOC154515]
  • Lobster Marketing Levy Regulations (P.E.I. Reg. EC704/15). - 2015 [LEX-FAOC154516]

  • Comments: The present Act is current to 1 January 2016 and last amended 2015.

    The present Act lays down provisions relating to fisheries in Prince Edward Island. At the outset the Act contains a definition clause relating to various terms employed therein such as, for example, “aquaculture”, “fish”, “fisher”, “fishing”, “licence”, “lease”, “marketing”. Section 4 establishes that the Minister is charged with the administration and enforcement of this Act and is responsible for the supervision and control of the development of resources and products of the fishery. The text consists 9 sections divided into 3 Parts as follows: Administration (I); Fish buying and processing (II); Miscellaneous and General III).

    Descriptors (Fisheries): marine fisheries; marine fishes; aquaculture; aquatic animals; internal trade; inspection; processing/handling; enforcement/compliance; fishing authorization

    FAOLEX No: LEX-FAOC147485