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Updated to 1 January 2013
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chapter Q-2, r. 15.1

Regulation respecting the delegation of management of certain parts of a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gas emission allowances

Environment Quality Act
 (chapter Q-2, s. 46.13, 2nd par.)

1.  For the purposes of the Regulation respecting a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gas emission allowances (chapter Q-2, r. 46.1), the following elements are delegated to the Western Climate Initiative Inc., a non-profit organization established under the laws of the State of Delaware:

  (1)    the development, housing, management and maintenance of the electronic system;

  (2)    regarding auctions and sales by mutual agreement of emission units, respectively referred to in Divisions III and IV of Chapter II of Title III of the Regulation,

  (a)      the reception of registrations for those auctions or sales;

  (b)      the management of financial guarantees submitted;

  (c)      the administration of those auctions or sales, their supervision and the determination of their results;

  (d)      the collection of sums owed to the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks, for payment into the Green Fund in accordance with section 46.16 of the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2), in payment of emission units sold;

  (3)    the supervision of transactions of emission allowances and any other system operation.

O.C. 1187-2012, s. 1.

2.    (Omitted).

O.C. 1187-2012, s. 2.

O.C. 1187-2012, 2012 G.O. 2, 3613